Denny's [explicit]

by The King's Busketeers

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You don’t go there, you end up there. The only real question is... how?


(Verse 1)
It’s a quarter to three and my bandmates and me
Are parked just outside a Denny’s
The price of a meal we can just barely feel
As we scrape out our pockets for pennies
My memory’s blurred and I can’t speak a word
Andy and Sam look forgiving
I must have passed out from the way they both shout
“Welcome back to the land of the living!”

(Verse 2)
In fits and in starts I remember some parts
Of the trip, the concert, the party
We sold the hall out so I had little doubt
That our revels were many and hearty
A couple encores, then some whiskey of course
Then we ventured out into the gloaming
Sprawled out in the back I just couldn’t keep track
Of where through the night we were roaming

How the fuck did I end up at Denny’s?
How the fuck did I end up at Denny’s?

(Verse 3)
I dreamed that I saw a Lovecraftian claw
Float past us just outside the windah
I let out a howl when I heard the thing growl
Saying “fellas it’s been good to know ya.”
The sight of a mall made my flesh start to crawl
I swore I could see the thing breathing
Then its eyes opened wide and in horror I cried
“On human souls it is feeding!”

(Verse 4)
The trees rake the sky where the dry leaves fly
Through the New England woodland and stubble
And Wyrd Sisters three I imagined might be
Out a-brewing up toil and trouble
The Wild Hunt rides across butt strewn skies
The Ancestors wake from their slumber
While faeries and things are out dancing in rings
As through the great woodland we rumble


(Verse 5)
I recalled in a flash where I’d stowed all the cash
That the venue had paid us for playing
We took equal shares and then banished our cares
With the food for which we’d been praying
The coffee was hot and the bacon was crisp
The flapjacks so warm and so tender
The waitress just smiles; she’s seen all this before
Saying “See you out on your next bender”

(Verse 6)
To all entertainers of every kind
Whose vagabond souls yearn for travel
Get turnt or get tight when you’re in for the night
Or your sanity just might unravel
Find a friend if you can, a motel if you must
Or camp out like hippies and rennies
Then you won’t have to cry with the other lost souls
“How the fuck did I end up at Denny’s?!”

(Chorus x2)


released October 31, 2018




The King's Busketeers Boston, Massachusetts

We are The King's Busketeers, a high-octane folk group from Massachusetts (and a little bit Rhode Island)! We make traditional songs from the British Isles and North America shake the rafters, with some bardic acapella hollering and floor-stomping originals added in for flavor. Come, friend, and have a listen! ... more

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